Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The Shape of Time

In this article, I really enjoyed the analogy of art and artists being like a railroad–– we must take into consideration the railroad as a whole and cannot focus in on one specific part of the track or state in which the train travels through. In relation to artists this means that we must think about the entire art movement and the sequence of artists, because who came before and after each is very important. Timing is one of the big aspects of the fame of artists, because it was very crucial that their talent lined up with the era in which they lived. Later in the article Kubler writes, "the history of art abounds in examples of misplaced temperaments like the romantics wrongly born in periods requiring classic measure, or the innovators living in periods governed by rigid rule." This continues the point of the original analogy and shows that timing is a huge factor in the fame of artists and their works.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Data Visualization

I think one important point about data visualization is the basic principles of you, the reader, and the data. I can relate this to what I learned in marketing and advertising classes. There are several elements that go into an advertisement: there needs to be a creator behind the image who depicts what they feel will create the write message; the "reader" must also be considered because they are the reason that the image is being created; lastly the data must be successfully depicted, or the whole purpose is defeated. I like the quote "data is just a clue to the end truth" because it supports the fact that if the data is used correctly, we can interpret it ourselves and make a story out of it to find an end result. It was really important that the data visualization is that part of it is leaving it open to interpretation and part of it is not really knowing what you created- this is relatable to any art because the artist may see one thing that is completely unrelated to what the viewer may see. The artist shares their ideas and together with the viewer they may conclude from the content.