Monday, January 30, 2017


Last Thursday, our class visited the Baltimore Museum of Art and we were asked to choose three of our favorite paintings. The three paintings that I chose were the two Shadow paintings by Andy Warhol,  Pine Forest II by Gustav Klimt, and the print Flayed Figured, Male, 3277 1/2 square inches by Jason Salavon. My favorite work was Pine Forest II because of the different ways I viewed it. As i approached the picture from far away, it looked like a large brown square with not much to it. As I moved closer, I began to notice the dark vertical lines that ran from top to bottom of the canvas and depicted the tree trunks. The green foreground that was made out of short, medium-width brush strokes created depth in what I now realized was a forest. There were countless tree trunks ranging in color from the darkest browns to colors of burnt orange and dark reds. I also noticed that off to the left side, between the trunks were speckles of light colors that appeared to be light shining through the trees. I also noticed that these specks of bright color were raised above the surface of the other paint and added another dimension and texture to the painting. I think that this was my favorite painting because of the way I was able to gradually discover more about it for the longer I looked at it. 

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