Tuesday, April 25, 2017


On March 23rd, I attended the Fractured Histories exhibit that featured ancient Greek pottery that was from the Allen Collection at Haverford College. This exhibit contained exquisite works of pottery with elaborate paintings on them. The work that I chose to focus on was the "Black-Figure Neck Amphora" which was attributed to the Leagros group. This pot, which was made with black slip and red clay, features women looking off to the side around half of the pot. Although the pot was decorated only in black slip, it is still visible that the women are dressed in elaborate clothing and head dresses. This makes me wonder what standing women had in this time period, or if these were just representing only the high-powered women. On the other half of the pot, there is a very curveular line that has floral-looking shapes on the sides and below it. I think that this continues to carry the feminine theme of the artwork and emphasize their beauty and relation to nature.

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