Monday, April 24, 2017

Post-modern Visual Analysis

This piece has a very clean look to it, with a cleanly outlined map of the United States that was done in black ink. There are several images on the page that are spaced out and allow the eye to travel. The outside of the image is painted in blue, while the inside remains white, creating emphasis on the center. The images overlap the borders of the map and are tilted at different angles. The majority of the work is made up of red white and blue coloring. The work has an overall bright look to it and is not over-crowded with images. The lines coming out of the tooth paste tube draw your eye horizontally across the bottom of the page. 
There is an overall very patriotic feel to the image because of the coloring and the images. Some of these images are more obvious than others. George Washington and Donald Trump are two very iconic and controversial characters that are known as images of the United States. The teeth, which are painted red white and blue are also very patriotic. The blue outside of the map seems to represent moving water because of its texture. This work creates the idea that America is place that focuses on images and uses familiar color schemes, such as red white and blue to attract buyers simply because of the familiarity.

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